The Warren


Stretching in a straight band from the southwest to the southeast, the Warren is the the seedy underbelly of Noivos. Poorly patrolled, poorly maintained, and poorly regarded, the Warren is home to the most crime. The numerous tiny islands under its name are dominated by crime lords and most of their inhabitants pay direct homage to whomever sits atop the heap.

The Warren is characterized by its badly constructed buildings. Citizens live in reed or mud brick shacks, often with floors sitting just above the water table. Rot is a constant problem and houses need to be completely rebuilt every two years. Ceilings leak and support posts can be washed away in the rain. A common tactic is to collapse an old building, then build the new one on top of the old one's walls and roof.

Getting anywhere is difficult. The bridges connecting the islands are also prone to breakage and the constant reconstruction means the streets are often reconfigured. It's easy to become lost if you aren't a native, which is one of the many reasons why the Garrison rarely visits.


Most of the Warren's people are simple folk who mind their own business. They pay their dues to their local boss, but stay out of gang disputes. Most gang members live in the Warren, within their gang's territory. Territories can cover several square miles, or as little as a single block. The three largest gangs control about 60% of the Warren, with 40% in the hands of forty to fifty others. Life for smaller gangs is brutal, with few lasting longer than a month. They are often squashed by larger gangs or taken down by infighting. 

A decent mix of peoples live here, with proportionally large numbers of tieflings, half-orcs, and even a few full orcs. There are also a few drow and one or two goliaths. A colony of kenku has established itself on the border with Callweather, constructing several houses that rest on the roots of the mangrove trees. 


  • Aelim Kapala. Crime lord; now deceased
  • Kathil Merey. Halfling proprietor of the Lusty Priest.
  • Loto. Crime lord, still alive


  • The Gallows. Former hangout of Kapala's gang; a pub standing three stories high
  • The Lusty Priest. Adventurer's Guild hangout; run by Kathil Merey; usually packed to the rafters

The Warren

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