Seaside is a half-mile-wide strip following the shoreline, from Thassa's south end to the east to the mangroves in the west. Seaside's main focus is oceanic trade and it is often the first district newcomers will see when disembarking from Hibantium. Docks, shipyards, and customs houses make up a good portion of buildings, especially on the shore. The Magistrate owns about a quarter of the docks, with private and wealthy residents of Thassa owning another quarter. The Shipbuilder's Guild owns the other half, with few docks remaining in the hands of middle-income citizens.

There are few permanent residences here. Inns spring up like fungi after rain, and entertainment-related establishments, like fighting pits and gambling houses, are also common. Warehouses take up huge blocks of space, and are mostly confined to the eastern end.

Owing to its activity, Seaside is in a constant state of renovation. Buildings rarely last more than a year, as landlords try to keep their structures as upright as possible. They often sabotage each others' establishments, trying to send them out of business so they can buy the land for themselves.


Since Seaside is the interface between ocean and city, few people permanently live here. The numerous inns, however, are often overcrowded and, unless you know where to look, overcharging. Its few real residents are innkeepers, tattooists, porters, prostitutes, pawn shop owners, and new arrivals.

The safety and maintenance of Seaside's streets depends on the adjacent district. The areas touching Parishtown, Medden, and Thassa are well-patrolled by the Magistrate's guards. The section touching the Warren is seedy, and its docks prone to being seized by various crime lords. 

Keith crashes in a different tavern every night … generally in this area. Also home to the dynamic duo, Derryk and Dennis.


  • The Mousetrap. A bar doubling as the private entrance into a ratfolk-owned warehouse.
  • The Salty Mermaid. A Kapala-owned brothel that Loto used to work at.


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