Many fringe religious groups fled Hibantium to escape persecution and find new converts among the desperate settlers. They established themselves just outside Seaport, where any newcomers could be swiftly snagged for impromptu sermons. The largest religious groups are closest to the water, with progressively less powerful organizations as one walks west.   

Several impressive structures dominate Noivos' skyline, including the five-story Temple of Lolth along the southern edge and the enormous Temple of Helm at Parishtown's heart. Parishtown is known for its unique architecture, as each group has constructed its house to best model their background and beliefs. Most are still made from mud bricks, adobe, or limestone; the Temple of Helm is notable because its adherents shipped white marble all the way from Hibantium. To make up for the drabness of the building materials, the religious houses are beautifully painted with murals of their gods' actions or domains. These murals are also prone to defacement from rival groups.


Parishtown is home to a majority of the minority groups, who usually came over with fellow worshipers. Almost all of Noivos' drow  live in Parishtown, either at the Temple of Lolth or in a peaceful commune that rejects Lolth's teachings. Metallic dragonborn are also common around the Temple of Helm, and tieflings belong to many faiths, including Lolth and deities benevolent and demonic.

The district is largely residential, with many temples serving a dual purpose as a place of worship and rest for its priests. However, there are many other buildings that serve as permanent, non-denominational housing. Parishtown is the second-safest district in Noivos, because a vast majority of the religions are nonviolent, or actively discourage it. The adherents of Helm and other protective deities also patrol the streets as an act of public service. The Magistrate's Garrison looks down on them as vigilantes, the protectors see the Magistrate's Garrison as corrupt, and conflict sometimes results.


Dogaeen, Kain, Razael, and Dogaeen's apartment bank live here.


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