Medden is the beating heart of Noivos, both literally and figuratively. Located in the midwestern section of the city, Medden is the largest district, occupying much of the city's geographic center. Like Thassa, Medden is self-contained, with its own shops and houses; however, most of its residents walk into Parishtown to worship. 

The district is built on twelve sturdy islands reinforced with gravel filler, so its buildings are more trustworthy than most. Most are two or three stories tall, with upper levels that jut over the wide streets. Families manage their shops on the bottom floor and live on the upper ones, often leasing space to other tenants. 


Medden is known as the artisan's district, as it holds most of Noivos' non-oceanic industry. Smiths, grocers, weavers, bankers, artists, jewelers, lawyers, doctors, barbers, carpenters, coopers, potters, bricklayers, glassblowers, and more can be found within its borders. Owing to the rigorous system of apprenticeship, newly minted masters are spreading their trade into Callweather and the Warren when they search for shops of their own.

However, above ground level, Medden is a residential district. A shop without a family behind it is considered an anomaly. As usual, humans are the dominant race, but sizeable populations of gnomes, half-elves, and halflings also reside here. Halfling shops are easily recognized because they tend to be only one story high. A warren of kobolds also resides on the southern side, performing maintenance in return for shelter, food, and money.  


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