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  • Callweather


    The westernmost edge of Noivos, where the buildings half overgrown by the encroaching mangrove. The buildings are precariously perched on a series of crumbling limestone …

  • Parishtown


    Many fringe religious groups fled Hibantium to escape persecution and find new converts among the desperate settlers. They established themselves just outside Seaport, where any …

  • Thassa


    Thassa is the smallest and wealthiest district in Noivos. Located along the northeastern end, the district sits on a walled strip of land that closes off the eastern end of its harbor …

  • The Warren


    Stretching in a straight band from the southwest to the southeast, the Warren is the the seedy underbelly of Noivos. Poorly patrolled, poorly maintained, and poorly regarded, the …

  • Medden


    Medden is the beating heart of Noivos, both literally and figuratively. Located in the midwestern section of the city, Medden is the largest district, occupying much of the city's …

  • Seaside


    Seaside is a half-mile-wide strip following the shoreline, from Thassa's south end to the east to the mangroves in the west. Seaside's main focus is oceanic …

  • The Adventurer's Guild

    Unlike the other guilds in Noivos, the Adventurer’s Guild is not officially recognized by the government, nor does it have a seat on the ruling council. Instead, it serves as a collection point for thugs, pioneers, warriors, itinerants, and the …

  • Overview

    Population: 45,000


    Dragonborn (1%)

    Most dragonborn came over with a religious order. The two …

  • Laws

    • Having undead slaves is legal if you reach an agreement with the individual and/or their next of kin before death, you don't use them for anything gross or nefarious, and you release them after five years of servitude

  • Mousetrap

    The Mousetrap is a bar in Seaport run by ratfolk. It's a gross dive located in the basement of a seedy inn. One of the casks on the wall swings back to reveal a hidden passage that goes to an abandoned warehouse a short distance away.

  • Kaados Lilifun

    * Senior member of the Adventurer's Guild * Seasoned warrior * A renowned jewel thief in Hibantium who turned to mercenary work after coerced by Dorwin * Close friends with [[:dorwin-eithiriond | Dorwin Eithiriond]] * Drinks the blood of her enemies …

  • Fortune Eniriel

    * Scribe for the President of the Weaver's Guild * Part of a tiefling gang dedicated to uncovering Noivos' true history * Short-tempered * Prone to stealing what she wants * Lost her mother in an expedition upriver * Follower of Aureon, God of Law …

  • Virtue Arafeyan

    * Head Librarian in Thassa * Works directly for Ukhlad Amarond * Supervises [[:fortune-eniriel | Fortune Eniriel]] and other tieflings * Formerly a pirate and lost her eye to merrow raiders * Follower of Aureon, God of Law and Knowledge

  • Teth Ironfist

    * 6'5" * Very dedicated to her job * Acutely aware of the gaps in her education and is an avid student * Loves routine * Default attitude is suspicious

  • Boddynock Fitwidget

    * Recently opened the Magical Emporium in [[Medden | Medden]] * Lives above the shop with his wife and nine children, plus four adopted children

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