Thassa is the smallest and wealthiest district in Noivos. Located along the northeastern end, the district sits on a walled strip of land that closes off the eastern end of its harbor. Noivos' earliest inhabitants used it as a dumping ground, but then its elite saw the aesthetic value of sitting on a hill and had the refuse covered before construction began.  The irony of this is not lost on many of Noivos' inhabitants.

At great expense to the city, the nobility exported enough stone from Hibantium to completely encircle Thassa. There are two gates: one facing Medden to the south and one leading to the docks of Seaside to the west. Both are heavily patrolled and guarded by the Garrison. The walls are also watched and inspected weekly for illegal tunneling. 

Thassa houses all the city's main municipal buildings, such as the best custom house, the banks, the library, and the guildhalls. The former establishments cluster close to the Magistrate's Palace, at the heart of Thassa. The guildhalls compete for the remaining real estate; the closer to the Magistrate's Palace, the more prestigious the guild. Surrounding these buildings are the private residences, and around those are the shops.


Thassa is a self-contained district. It has its own houses of worship, grocers, and artisans; and the best docks are just outside its walls. Dozens of laborers, maids, scribes, and other workers commute into the district every day to fulfill its needs. Therefore, very few of Noivos' nobles know what the rest of the city is like.

Since Noivos is so young, its "nobles" are almost all self-made, often having risen from simple backgrounds on Hibantium. This is especially true of high-ranking guild members. A few came from the old continent with their wealth, but they live in Noivos mostly to oversee the family business across the ocean. Humans are the majority of the population, and there are also sizeable populations of elves, half-elves, and halflings. Most of the city's dwarves also reside within Thassa.



  • The Magistrate's Palace. In the heart of Thassa; made of red brick and appears to glow in the sunset.
  • The Shipbuilder's Guildhall. Located just east of the Palace, within sight of the ocean. 


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