The westernmost edge of Noivos, where the buildings half overgrown by the encroaching mangrove. The buildings are precariously perched on a series of crumbling limestone islands, and often small and crooked. Its inhabitants have criss-crossed the channels with a series of bridges, ropes, and stepping stones, but in some places you will need to wade across the shallow water. 


It is home to hundreds of low to middle income laborers. Owing to the difficulty of travel, the people of Callweather consider themselves separate from the rest of Noivos and claim that they are friendlier and more welcoming than the "city folk". They are known for the hospitality and unconventional cuisine. Rat goulash is a local specialty.

Woodsy drifts through here.


  • Alinnan. Female halfling who loves to cook for Woodsy.
  • Norr. Male tiefling who leads the neighborhood watch and tells children inspirational stories about Woodsy.


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