Adventurers Guild

Unlike the other guilds in Noivos, the Adventurer’s Guild is not officially recognized by the government, nor does it have a seat on the ruling council. Instead, it serves as a collection point for thugs, pioneers, warriors, itinerants, and the greedy. The guild doesn’t have a president, but it does have an elite upper circle consisting of the best adventurers on this side of the sea. While this privileged crowd swims in gold, gems, and lucrative commissions, most of their fellow members are violent, reckless, and unwise, dying in as much poverty as they lived. However, their prestige drips down, and the Adventurer’s Guild is a good place to find potential clients, future allies, and rumors of employment.

The Adventurer's Guild was founded as a mercenary drinking club by a half-elf named Immeral Hornraven. The mercenaries took jobs together and shared commission offers, and, before long, their "drinking club" was considered the best place to recruit reliable muscle. Hornraven dubbed his group the Adventurer's Guild in mockery of the other guilds springing up around them, and pretended to open applications. Hundreds of hopefuls showed up on his door. 

Two weeks later, Hornraven was eaten by a behir, and the responsibility of the running the ground fell into doubt. The mantle was taken up by Dorwin Eithiriond, a wood elf mercenary who was a relatively recent addition to Hornraven's inner circle. Eithiriond and several of his friends, including Kaados Lilifun, took dozens of high-profile contracts to raise the guild's profile. Then, they deferred lesser-paying jobs to the rest of the Adventurer's Guild, and hosted parties where they would share stories and advice from their time afield.

Today, the Adventurer's Guild boasts over two hundred members. Of Hornraven's original fourteen members, only Eithiriond and Lilifun remain alive. Such is life in the guild: profitable for a select few, and cruel to all the rest.

There is no way to tell if someone is in the Adventurer's Guild or not. (Picky clients insist on Eithiriond himself approving guild members applying for a commission.) Since it isn't a formal organization, Eithiriond doesn't believe he needs to make a registry or regulate his people. He does occasionally host "tryouts", where he stocks a tunnel in the Warren with a few weak monsters and baits mercenaries with the promise of treasure. Anyone who passes the trials immediately rubs shoulders with the guild elite. Anyone who fails provides grisly entertainment for the onlookers. However, it is possible to hang around the Lusty Priest fishing for rumors and still consider oneself part of the guild.

The Adventurer's Guild is based at the Lusty Priest, a dive in the eastern end of Noivos — the same bar Hornraven and his friends used twenty years ago. The Adventurer's Guild has far outgrown its narrow confines, but they have too much history with the Lusty Priest to consider going elsewhere.  

Adventurers Guild

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