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      • Petipas

        The town of Petipas is the third major town one would encounter while sailing north along the Corun River. It has about ten houses, raised on stilts as a precaution against flooding. It was once home to about fifty people, but a disastrous wedding …

  • Settlements

    Settlements outside Noivos are usually located beside the Corun River, because it is the only source of drinking water for miles around. Furthermore, the band of fertile land extends a few miles beyond its banks. 

    Most towns are …

  • Olocor

    Olocor was founded by wood elves as a religious commune dedicated to Arawai, the Goddess of Fertility. They believed that the Yllwood's existence in the middle of the desert proved that Arawai was present in their new home. 

    < …

  • Abr'na

    * Lives with dozens of kuo-toa minions * [[:granny-josephine | Granny Josephine]] is his neighbor * Generally unpleasant and prone to gloating * Over hundreds of thousands of years old, and has personally met gods * Fastidious organizer * Collected …

  • Odo Bloodtooth

    * Employed by [[:nivaxalint-narunn | Nivaxalint Narunn]] to oversee the dig in the ruins of Olocor * Doesn't care what happens, as long as the dig is not interrupted * Breeds almirajs

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