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  • I Ain't a Rat!

    While returning from Narunn's palace, their pockets jingling with treasure, Dogaeen received word that the kuo-toa were once more infesting the sewers of Noivos. He dashed off to stop their spread, leaving the party at the mercy of several children …

  • O Captain My Captain

    The aboleth, clearly having had enough of nosy adventurers, began the session by sinking back under the swampy water. No attempts were made to communicate with it or find it again, which was probably for the best.

    The party continued down the …

  • Derryk Bonbarrion, OC Do Not Steal!

    Even before taking a well-deserved long rest, the party decided to scope out the rest of the abandoned temple. They also found more treasure stored in another room, but it was about a third of what they had been expecting from Narunn's report. & …

  • Of Mice and Men

    After their encounter at the warehouse, the party took a much deserved long rest. In the morning, they regrouped and Dogaeen returned from his kuo-toa hunt. All told, he bagged forty-three of them, having gone back to the village where they had first …

  • Tangled

    • Fought Kapala's mother, four quaggoth, and two driders
    • Quaggoth and driders are dead
    • Dorwin helped out and was the only one still conscious at the end of the encounter
    • Dennis strummed in the corner
    • < …

  • Gushin' Granny

    Since a search of the city was unable to turn up any side of Kapala's mother, the group decided to begin their assignment from Narunn. However, Keith decided to chart his own course. He sailed off in the folding boat, chasing the wreck of the

  • This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Six of Us

    The party reached the Voluptuous Kraken and began to sail upriver, to the town of Olocor. The journey took them four days, during which time Shamash briefed them on what to expect. The town was founded five years ago, when a commune of wood …

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