Dorwin Eithiriond

Head of the Adventurer's Guild

  • Wood elf
  • Prefers two-handed weapons
  • Experienced adventurer
  • Wears fancy clothes and a dragon turtle skin cloak

Dorwin Eithiriond is a wood elf mercenary serving as the default head of the Adventurers Guild. Experienced, charismatic, and with a good nose for business, he has been part of the Guild for over fifteen years. Although beginning to age, he is still a formidable foe, and occasionally takes on tough assignments to augment his fame. He uses his noble connections to find jobs before they even exist, meting out the most profitable among his powerful friends. Eithiriond is suspicious of upstarts, and more than a few have gone missing. However, he is generally tolerant of backstabbing, so long as it doesn’t endanger his life or his family’s.

Although one of his most recognizable features is his fancy dress, Eithiriond rose from ignoble origins. The last son of a minor noble, Eithiriond left his family to become a bounty hunter. He had little success until he arrived in Noivos, where there was more crime and less competition. He befriended Immeral Hornraven and took over running the Adventurer’s Guild after his death.

Through a connection made from the Adventurer’s Guild, he met Lady Navarra Iltazary, a human noblewoman. They married six months later and now have two children, Ramevik and Zora. Eithiriond also has a displacer beast named Cuddles and is neighbors with Nivaxalint Narunn. They compete to have the loudest parties.

Dorwin Eithiriond

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