Noivos' Most Wanted

You Guys Were Supposed to Be Captured for Exposition Reasons

Oh Well I Guess You'll Miss Out on Important Information That I Refuse to Infodump Later

Having successfully sneaked past the guards, the first order of business was to inspect the walls. 2/3 party members were convinced the temple was actually dedicated to snake porn. Dogaeen encouraged everyone to walk ahead so he could study the drawings in better detail.

Their surroundings were generally dark, with just one tunnel leading into the distance. They followed it without a light, as all of them had darkvision. Soon, they arrived at the first chamber, which was an enormous room that contained nothing but some vegetation and crumbled rock. They could tell it must have been magnificently decorated at one point, with holes and patterns that suggested metal inlay and gems.

They passed through another long tunnel without junction and heard voices in the distance. Woodsy wildshaped into a rat and scurried forward to investigate. He entered another huge chamber, comparable in size to the one they had already investigated. He found several guards sitting around a table, playing dice, next to several enormous crates, then informed the others via telepathy. Dogaeen rang the dinner bell for his Children and let them eat. Woodsy ran into a pack and proceeded to nibble his way through some bread and a perfectly ripe mango.

After the bandits were dead, the party immediately cracked open the crates and found them stuffed with treasure. However, it was not nearly as much as Narunn had told them to expect. They continued onward. The tunnel on the other side again continued without any side passageways. The light at the end was daylight, so Woodsy turned into a rat again to scope out the place.

He emerged into a wide stone square, about fifty feet on each side, with an assortment of rubble in the middle. An ancient stone table dominated the center. The walls rose another seventy feet on every side, and were open at the top. By the architecture and distance traveled, it seemed that the party had reached the heart of the temple.

something happens i forget

Keith sprinted into the center of the square, keen on distracting the archers long enough for Woodsy to climb the walls. He took cover beneath the table, but to his surprise, the arrows appeared to pierce the stone. The whole table was an illusion, as well as several other nearby piles of debris.





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