Noivos' Most Wanted

O Captain My Captain

Adventures in Boating

The aboleth, clearly having had enough of nosy adventurers, began the session by sinking back under the swampy water. No attempts were made to communicate with it or find it again, which was probably for the best.

The party continued down the road, eventually reaching its terminus: a stretch of beach with three barges tied to posts sunk into the mud. There was a makeshift crane for lifting supplies, and a path cut through the mangroves just wide enough to let a boat pass. The barges were identical to the one the party had taken from Narunn's men. 

Their treasure fit comfortably when stretched between two barges, but they decided to bring along fourteen horses (twelve from the wagon, and Dennis and Derryk's mounts) on the third barge. The horse barge was lashed to a treasure barge, and Woodsy was in charge of keeping them calm as Keith navigated. Dogaeen took the other barge with Derryk, and Dennis was with Keith.

They began to pole off the beach when some noticed scouts watching them from the mangrove. Woodsy was able to trap one in a Sleet Storm, but the other fled deeper into the woods. They were briefly stalled on underwater detritus and reached the main body of the Corun River after thirty minutes of poling. Once on the water, they immediately noticed there were two boats about a mile upriver, poling towards them quickly. Woodsy got into the water as a crocodile to investigate. It was Green Helmet and her men, trying to close the distance. Since both parties were traveling downriver and Green Helmet had more men, it seemed that they would soon draw within bowshot.

Due to his superior knowledge of the Corun River, Keith realized that they had 10 miles (20 minutes) before they would reach the river delta, which split the 100 ft wide river into thousands of tiny channels. If they could reach the delta, they could lose their pursuers in the watery maze.

Keith immediately procured a faster ship by unfolding his boat, which transformed into a 70 ft double-masted sloop. (The DM is not sure if she specified it could turn into a sloop, because that's not in the manual, but 1) it sounds like a dumb thing she would do, and 2) it will be convenient later on.) Then, Dennis used his superior strength to haul two 1000 lb crates per minute (Derryk Hastened him), and Dogaeen assisted Keith. They put all fifteen crates on the ship and were in the process of loading the horses when Green Helmet finally draw near. They fired a few arrows at Woodsy, but he then hit them with Sleet Storm. The horses were loaded and the party successfully reached the river delta.

As they sailed away, they felt a scream of rage from the aboleth's lair rattle their bones.

The seasoned pirate, Keith, took charge of navigation and, in the heat of battle, completely forgot when the tides were coming in or out. Near dusk, he sailed them into a huge sandbar, lodging the ship firmly on its crest. The tide would not come in again for six hours, so they mounted a watch and settled down for the evening.

In the wee hours of the morning, just as Keith and Derryk were switching watches, Derryk noticed a scrabbling sound on the side of the ship. He went to investigate, and was immediately netted by kuo-toa and dragged into the water. Keith raised the alarm. None were as excited as Dogaeen and his hellish companion, Kaine. They leapt into the fray, eager to take more kuo-toa hearts for their collection. Kaine developed a particularly good slam tactic, where it used its telekinesis ray to lift the kuo-toa 30 ft in the air before dropping them for bludgeoning damage. Dogaeen stayed with his tried and true Eldritch Blast.

Meanwhile, Derryk escaped the net and Woodsy entered the water as a crocodile. Keith hauled Derryk aboard, where he was able to Viciously Mock the kuo-toa. Just when it seemed they had won, Dennis felt a worm latch onto his skin. The party turned to see the misshapen, worm-filled corpse of a Spawn of Kyuss. 

A short battle ensued, where some of the kuo-toa were frightened off or killed in Woodsy's jaws, and the Spawn of Kyuss killed without cursing anyone else its form. Dogaeen gained four kuo-toa hearts for his hook, and Raziel was presumably pleased. 

The rest of the night passed peacefully and they successfully sailed their sloop into Noivos and delivered their cargo. Narunn awarded them 300,000 gp, which they split into 60,000 gp shares. They split a share between Derryk and Dennis as thanks for their help. The bounty hunting duo also claimed their 50 gp bounty, and decided to join the party in return for better loot. 

The only loose end was the matter of the missing treasure's final destination. Narunn tasked them with scouting the three locations upriver that the treasure seemed to be going towards. He let them make a copy of the coded ledger and map to aid in their search.


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