Noivos' Most Wanted

Now You're Thinking with Portals

a.k.a. Gushin' Granny

Since a search of the city was unable to turn up any side of Kapala's mother, the group decided to begin their assignment from Narunn. However, Keith decided to chart his own course. He sailed off in the folding boat, chasing the wreck of the Flying Pussyfoot (and possibly starting to build his very own pirate lair). 

Narunn provided them with a barge and hired two people — a human named Dave and a half-orc named Grohl — to man the pole and tiller. Grohl and Dave would have gladly worked for free in service of Woodsy, but he, in his magnanimity, graciously offered them 3 GP for the whole experience.

They were about to disembark when they saw someone running down the docks toward them, begging them to stop. It was Fortune, dressed in traveling clothes and carrying a rucksack. She threatened to tell Dorwin — or worse, the authorities — about where they were going, and informed them that she had advanced knowledge of what was ahead. The group just shrugged and let her aboard after she promised not to demand a cut of the treasure. They noticed that she wasn't wearing any armor, nor was she carrying any weapons.

They poled upriver for a few days, generally relaxing and taking in the beautiful coastal rain showers. In Keith's absence, the captainship was heavily disputed, with Dennis/Dovak winning. Derryk became first mate, but refused all responsibility. Fortune spent most of her time sitting on the wheelhouse roof, reading her books.

On the third day, Dogaeen requested that they make a detour to One, the settlement they had leveled a few months earlier at a particularly ill-fated wedding. Dogaeen's intention was to see if any of the children remembered Fortune's necklace, which one of them had been playing with the last time he had visited. The woman at the door remembered Dogaeen and yelled at him for disturbing the peace once more. Dogaeen cast Friends on her, then went inside and bribed the children with candy until they told him what he wanted to know: that one of the missing children had had the necklace, and that he had gone missing weeks ago. The caretaker — now even angrier at having been magicked into compliance — chased them out, but Fortune had noticed Dogaeen's interest in her necklace.

Fortune and Dogaeen returned to the boat and they quickly floated away. Everyone looked for signs of recent disturbance. Keen-eyed Woodsy noticed three ravens watching them from some nearby trees. Ravens were not native to the Corun River, so he became suspicious and decided to follow them in Wild Shape. He followed them for a few miles, until they flew into a massive column of clouds to the west. The unnaturally large and still cloud bank was about 40 mi wide at its largest point, and impossible to see into. Woodsy turned back and told everyone else what he had seen.

The party sailed up the mangrove, through the channel they had exited when fleeing the temple. They reached the beachhead and found it abandoned, then decided to camp there for the night. It was fairly cozy with seven people inside the tiny wheelhouse, but no one was murdered except Dogaeen's efforts to mount a coup against first mate Derryk.


  • Party sailed up the mangroves and left the barge with Grohl and Dave (warded with runes) before traveling on foot on the road (bringing Dennis' horse)
  • Managed to reach dropoff point for treasure 1 and treasure 2
  • Camped a half mile down the road and accosted by awakened trees that Derryk could not see; killed by Fortune and Woodsy
  • Decided to go towards the cloud column in the morning; did some Water Walking to reach the edge
  • 1/2 mile of 5 ft visibility mist, before reaching the ruins of a massive red brick structure (4 stories high, 300 ft long, roof in need of repair, newly weeded cobblestones)
  • Crows were watching; fled when Woodsy wild-shaped
  • Decided to knock and met with a wash of steam as the door opened
  • Sebastian, the firenewt majordomo, brought them inside; PCs asked to interview Granny Jo
  • Sanctuary full of beings: flumps, xorns, deep gnomes, galeb duhrs, elementals, magmins, darklings, etc. nothing too violent or bloodthirsty (e.g. illithids)
  • See xorn eating treasure without paying for it
  • Summoned to meet Granny Jo on the top floor
  • An old and friendly woman with dark, weathered skin, white hair, and a huge walking stick; wears a shapeless and plain grey dress
  • Tells party she has been in business for 2,000 years and maintains building as sanctuary for inter-dimensional travelers who got stuck on the Material Plane when the portals were shut 
  • Massive ceremony involving human sacrifice needed to shut the planes; blasted off the entire center of the continent
  • No one ages while living inside the walls
  • Granny Jo mentions she gets gold and gems from neighbor, an aboleth named Abr'na; doesn't seem to have anything nice to say about him
  • Agrees to teleport company to Abr'na's doorstep in return for sewing thread for her daughter, Jenny
  • Gives them a slug to communicate with them; stroke three times and one messages can be sent between Jo and the holder; slug lives in a jar and is mildly acidic
  • Teleported to doorstep (with horse)


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